Thursday, August 25, 2011

It was my first time to purchase at beautyjoint. I was looking for NYX products online since we don't have it here in p.i., and i came across this website and all of their products are cheaper than the original price! I bought the matte lip cream which was $6 on the NYX website, for only $4.50. They ship anywhere in the world & shipping was fast too! I got my order after 10 days!

Everytime i receive packages i feel like a kid unwrapping presents on xmas day even if i know what's inside the package since i ordered it online. Lol!

I bought the matte lip creams, and 1 matte lipstick which was originally $6 but i got for $4.99. I also bought these OPI shatter dupe, the brand is called Cherimoya. I've never heard of Cherimoya polishes before but they are pretty good dupe of the shatter ones! And they're so cheap for only $2.99! i will do swatches of these products soon. :)

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

MAC Sheen Supreme "Impressive", EOTD & Extensions

I wanted to get 4 l/s when the sheen supreme collection came out. I even visited 3 MAC counters in Saudi, Bahrain, and Philippines but the colors I wanted were all sold out! "impressive" wasn't originally on my list but when I swatched it on my hand, I kinda liked how it felt and the color is very wearable.

It's a rosy/nude color and it goes on very smoothly.

I haven't been wearing too much makeup since i got back home but I wanted to try this l/s cause i havent worn it since i got it. I paired it up with a subtle smokey e/s using my NARS palette from my previous post.

As you can see I recently had eyelash extensions. It's been 4 days since I had it done and most of the lashes have already fallen out. :( I will prolly stick to falsies and mascara if I want fuller lashes. These extensions are just hard to maintain!
[X] liquid eye liner
[X] mascara
[X] eye lash curler
[X] rubbing
[X] must keep dry within the 1st 24 hrs of application

For the 1st 2 days it was really pretty! It was curled up and fuller! But now it's starting to hang down together with my regular lashes and I can't curl it with a curler cause it will leave a mark on the fake lashes! :(

Oh and I also got my bottom braces 2 days ago. My teeth are sore and they feel loose, but inspite of that I still eat a lot and even gained more lbs since I had my braces on. LOL.

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