Monday, May 12, 2014

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Swatches (Berry Bold & Revved Up)

Hi ladies, I know it's been a while. Just a quick update, I'm recently in Guam spending summer with my family, and I've been buying a lot of makeup here cause it's cheaper in US territories than in other parts of the world. I've been visiting the MAC counter a lot, and I feel sad cause I want to be a MAC artist so bad and I just can't be one since I live in KSA. Over there only Saudis can work at MAC and I just feel so bad that I can't share my interest, talent, and creativity to women who need help in finding the right makeup for them. :( As much as I want to leave KSA, I just can't cause my husband has a good job there and he doesn't want to be away from our daughter and I. :( oh well........ Ok enough of the rant and on to the swatches! 

According to the MAC website:
"The colour and shine of a gloss, the precision of a lip pencil - now in one colour stick. M•A•C Patentpolish Lip Pencil instantly achieves a luscious shine with a single swipe. Effortless twist-up keeps application clean and simple, with no need to sharpen. Enjoy colour in a range of 12 new shades - from bright corals to soft, rosy pinks and natural nudes - that stay bright and true on all skin tones."

My hubby got these for me for my birthday last month. Personally, I wouldn't pick it up for myself cause I saw the review and swatches online and it just didn't interest me. I'm more of a creamy/matte lipstick person cause i feel like lip glosses are all the same and I don't need that much glosses.

Revved Up ($21) & Berry Bold ($21)

MAC Revved Up

MAC Revved Up - This color is super sheer! It's close to MAC Hello Kitty Cutester but Cutester is creamier and it has tiny glitters. I'm not a fan of sheer lipsticks cause I have tiny blue veins on my lips and I don't like it to show. 

MAC Berry Bold

MAC Berry Bold - It reminds me of the Revlon Lip Butters but to be honest, the Revlon one has better formula and it stains the lips (which I like). This is just blah to me. For $21 it is overpriced while you can just buy a balm or gloss stain at the drugstore for just a few bucks. I have never been disappointed with a MAC product so this is the first one on my list.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

International Make-up Shopping (Nordstrom & Borderlinx)

I recently purchased MAC makeup from the Nordstrom website. Since Nordstrom doesn't ship cosmetics and beauty products internationally, I had to use a shippping forwarder. My friend told me about Borderlinx. You register for FREE and they give you a US & UK address for free!
I prefer buying makeup from the states because it is cheaper compared to here in Saudi Arabia. For example, a MAC lipstick is only $15 (56 SAR) in the states but over here in KSA, MAC sells it for 98 SAR, that's 42 SAR difference! Recently, I purchased $270 worth of makeup (12 items), had it shipped to my Borderlinx address, payed ONLY $25 shipping from the US to here in KSA, and I still saved $60 buying from Nordstrom compared to buying here in KSA! Shipping was fast too! I received my items within 3 days!

What I like about Borderlinx is they repack your shipments to save you from shipping costs. My items originally came in a box from nordstrom, and they repacked the items in a plastic DHL package to save space and weight. They charge shipping based on size & weight, you can even check the price on their Intl. Shipping Calculator.

Be sure not to order prohibited items (listed here) because your shipments will be on hold. I accidentally ordered MAC brush cleaner (didn't know there was alcohol in it. Anything containing alcohol or flammable substance are prohibited) and they e-mailed me that my package could not be shipped. I had to either have them send the item back to Nordstrom, or dispose it. Sending the item back to the sender costs $20 so I decided to let them dispose the brush cleaner.

So if you want to shop from US websites and need a US address, register at Borderlinx now! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Regretting My Recent Purchase (MAC Pro Palette)

I just got home from a long day of shopping. I stopped by MAC earlier and was excited to get the new empty palette! I wanted to buy the single ones with the clear cover so I asked the lady if they have it, and she said yes! She showed me the inserts of eyeshadows and blushes together with the empty palettes, single and duo. Wow I didn't know they had the duo here in KSA! I got even more excited! I told her I didn't want the inserts cause I plan to depot my other non-mac stuffs as well. So I asked her for the prices.

The single palette with the clear cover was 150 SAR ($40).
(photo from

The duo palette was 230 SAR ($61).
(photo from

At that moment I had no idea how much the palletes were in the states all I know that it was a little expensive based on Dustin Hunter's youtube video about the palettes. I bought the duo and got home really excited!

(MAC old palette on the left, MAC new palette on the right)

After depotting my eyeshadows and blushes, I went online and checked for the original prices. As soon as I saw how much the palettes were, I was shocked!!! From the MAC website, both single and duo palettes were $8 each!!! I paid $53 more than the original price!!!! I could have bought a lot of makeup with that amount! So now I am in deep regret. I should have checked the website first before buying the palette so I was able to know how much they were in the states. :(
Oh well..... Lesson learned. Research about the product before buying!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to Trim, Shape, and Fill In Your Brows

My friends always ask me how I do my brows so I decided to do a video tutorial on it. :) This is how I usually shape my brows. I sometimes set it with MAC Beguille brow set or MAC Girl boy brow set after filling in with Dip Down. Hope you enjoy this video! :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

MAC 'Illustrated' by Rebecca Moses Brown Face Kit (Swatches & Video)

MAC Rebecca Moses Face Kit (brown)

If you've read my previous post, you'll know that I recently purchased the brush set and this palette from MAC's newest collection, 'Illustrated' by Rebecca Moses. I was excited cause this is my 1st time to purchase a palette from a collection. It was $49.50 ($101 value) at the Nordstrom website.

This palette includes:
1 blush (melba)
4 eyeshadows (clockwise: orb, all that glitters, show stopper, smoked sepia)
2 lipsticks (Ravishing clean, Myth light)
1 duo brush (275 SE medium angled brush, and 316 SE lip brush)

The 275 SE brush is so scratchy! I own a 2009 275SE but it was so soft, wider and fluffier, however the one included in this palette is very very scratchy and thinner.

Rebecca Moses Face Kit blush and eyeshadow swatches

The blush & eyeshadows are pigmented but you can barely see orb on my arm cause it's close as my skin color. I thought smoked sepia would be more of an orange brown but it's more of a rustic/dirty brown. I think show stopper was the only e/s I had a difficult time applying to my lid I feel like I need to scrape the eyeshadow on the pan to be able to get a good color pay off.

 MAC L/S comparisons

MAC L/S comparisons

And now, my FIRST youtube video :) Tutorial on how I use this palette. Hope you like it! :)

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