Thursday, July 28, 2011

OPI Black Shatter

I was so excited to receive my black shatter yesterday! I ordered it online cause I couldnt find a shop that sells OPI here. I've been wanting to have this nail polish since it came out and I finally have it! :)

I bought this for P490 that's $11! As soon as I received the package I tried applying it on different base colors to see which looked best.

I like how it looked against the middle finger. The base is Etude PK005. The shatter actually depends on how you apply the polish. If you apply too thick, you will get bigger cracks. I actually tried putting on a thick coat and I got a huge crack at the middle.

Final nails taken with my phone. I used the Etude polish on this but it looks pink in this photo. You can see the real color from the photo above.

I showed mama my nails and she said, I should've just chipped my nail polish on purpose to get the same effect LOL.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bad skin & Bad teeth!

Last month I took a visit to my dentist. She noticed that I had a slight over bite and my teeth were too close to each other. She had me take an x-ray and this is what we saw..

2 of my wisdom teeth are impacted and pushing all my teeth forward! >_< so last week, I had my right wisdom tooth out. It was painful than a c-section in my opinion. I wasn't put to sleep and I was so nervous cause I can hear everything! Doctor: "pass me this and that... we need to break the tooth..." Machine: Zzzzz.......Bzzzzz..... Ughh it was so scary!!! Next week I'm scheduled to have the left one taken out. The dentist also told me that I needed braces so she will have to pull out my 2 upper third molars.

Brace face! x_x I had my upper braces 2 days ago.. I might have the lower ones next week. I feel so ugly now! Plus my skin is becoming worse!

I've been having breakouts and the marks won't fade off! And I keep having pimples on that exact same spot! It's soooo annoying! Ladies, if you know a good product for this type of skin problem PLEASE share it with me. :)
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