Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY Orange Lip Color Using Orange Eyeshadow

Do you have an orange eyeshadow that you don't use anymore? Why not make new a lip color!
I've had this MAC Orange e/s that I don't use cause I'm not the red/orange e/s kind of girl. I hate putting it to waste so I thought of making my own lip color using the e/s and a lipstick (Maybelline Coral Pop) that I also don't always use.

1. You'll need an empty container, eyeshadow that you don't use anymore, and a lipstick
2.Crush the e/s. I used a spatula from my facial bleaching kit which I forgot to include in this pic.
3. Take some of the l/s, I used about 1cm, and put it on the container together with the crushed e/s.

 Microwave it for 20 sec, or until the lipstick melts. But make sure don't let it boil or the consistency of the lipstick will be different. Stir and make sure everything is well blended.

4. Voila! Your DIY lip color is done! :)

Swatches: My DIY Lip color, and MAC So Chaud
Isn't it a great dupe?! :)

I love how the color turned out. It is more orange and warm than MAC So Chaud. 

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