Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Hairshaft Salon Experience

Nowadays social media has been a great tool for advertisements. Celebs and socialites post products & people immediately want what they post! I have been following Ellen Adarna & she posted a photo of her gorgeous hair captioned the name of the salon. 
I viewed the IG page of Hairshaft & saw feeds of gorgeous ash blonde & brown hair! I have always wanted to achieve ash brown hair but I just didn't know how to do it. So after months and weeks of contemplating I have finally decided to make the change. I researched about the salon and found out they have a branch in Rob Manila which is the closest from my location. I sent a viber message to Jay one of their hair stylist and sent photos of my current hair and the hair I wanted to achieve. 

Yesterday was actually Jay's off but he said to txt him and he'll be there. So I went at the salon around 10:30am. Jay and Ariel assessed my hair and ask a few questions about the treatments I've done and what color I used. Then he asked me what color I wanted and I showed him this photo from his IG.
Then I was shampooed by Ate Liezl and they immediately went to bleach my hair. 
2 stylist were applying bleach and Ate Liezl was assisting them on parting my hair. It took a couple of mins and this is how my hair looked!

I immediately posted this photo on my FB and IG and I was surprised that there were people who liked the blonde streaks haha! After washing they applied the color to make it ashy.

I availed the hair treatment so after washing off the color Ariel applied the treatment to my hair while Ate Liezl massaged my hands. It was such a pampering experience I even had my head and back massaged. 

Here are the photos of my new hair!

And this is Jay my hair stylist. The total cost of my hair is 11,000php including the treatment and the shampoo and conditioner with keratin. I love my new hair so much and I would definitely go back for a retouch after a few months. Thanks instagram & hairshaft salon for making ny hair this beautiful!
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