Friday, April 29, 2011

MAC Studio Fix Concealer & MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

I have been using MAC studio fix concealer since I was in highschool. What I love about it is that unlike drug store concealers which mostly have light shades of foundation & concealers, MAC has a huge selection of shades suitable for every skin color. When the Pro Longwear collection came out, I wanted to try their concealers since summer is almost near here in KSA and I needed makeup that will last even in hot and humid weather.

Both of them have a large range of shades, since it is from MAC we all know mac has shades for everyone. But when I swatched both of it together, I noticed that the pro longwear, is a little bit darker than studio fix. So in studio fix I’m using NW25, but in pro longwear I got the lighter one NW20.

Obviously since the name is pro longwear, it does stay a lot longer than studio fix. The difference is, studio fix is more oily. In summer, when you store it in a room without air condiiton I noticed that the oil comes out on the top.
When I had both on, I experienced more creasing on the studio fix than the pro longwear. MAC studio fix gives a more oily/dewy finish, so if you have oily skin, this product will make your skin look oilier, while pro longwear dries to a matte finish. Some complained  of feeling tightness under their eyes when using this, however I didn’t feel or notice any difference on how it felt on, for me it felt like I was just using a regular concealer.


Mac studio fix is a cream concealer, and mac pro longwear is a liquid concealer.  Cream concealers give you more coverage compared to liquid concealers because of its consistency, you can build up cream to a heavier coverage than liquid concealers. But, you can still achieve the same coverage when using liquid concealers by letting it exposed to air for a while. What I do is I pump a little bit of concealer on an empty container, and wait for like a minute or 2 and just wait for it to get a little bit thicker, and when it is, just apply it on your face. This will give you more coverage.

Both are $16.50 but pro longwear has more product inside, than studio fix. A lot of people complained about the pump of the pro longwear. I also experienced this when I first got it, the pump goes all the way down even if you just press half way. But after 4-5 uses, it doesn’t do that anymore. I can now control how much product I want to dispense cause the pump no longer goes all the way down. But for some ppl if you still have this problem and there’s just too much product, just pump it on an empty container so you can store the left over product.

I prefer the MAC Pro longwear concealer since I needed a concealer that will stay a lot longer and will not crease so much. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Dinner / Some rules in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

For the past week I was excited to celebrate my bdae with my fam and have dinner at Olive Garden. I was craving for Italian food and even thought of what to order for my bdae a week before. LOL. So yesterday, the 24th, we were supposed to have dinner at Olive Garden, but when we got to the place, it wasn't Olive Garden but Tandoori House. =/ I was so confused till now cause I was sure I saw Olive Garden sign outside last year when we passed by that place. So last night I was kinda disappointed cause I wanted italian food sooo bad but we had no choice but to look for another place to eat. The hub asked me where I wanted to eat, it was late and we were hungry so I said "let's just go to friday's" cause it was near out place and they had pasta on their menu. Here are some of the photos from last night.

As you can see I'm wearing an ABAYA which is a black robe cause women here aren't allowed to go out in public without an abaya on. Saudi Arabia has many rules for women like wearing an abaya, wearing a hijab (head scarf) to cover your hair. Single women aren't allowed to mingle in public with other men unless they're family like a brother, father, or uncle. 

for those who wanna know what l/s I used, it's MAC lickable and NARS rose birham. When peacocky collection was released here, I wanted Scandalicious lip color but it was sold out on all the MAC stores near our place so I tried mixing lip colors to make a dupe of it, and i think the color is pretty close and I love it! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

TUTORIAL: Smokey Blues

It's been a while since I played with my coastal scents 78 palette, and the colors I mostly used are the neutral ones. I've had this palette for years and the blues have remain untouched so I decided to use it and do a smokey blue look.


Smashbox HD foundation (i don't know what shade cause i have it on a sample jar from sephora)
MAC studio fix concealer NC25 for under eye circles
Rimmel blush in Santa Rose

Coastal Scents 78 palette (royal blue and black)
NYX jumbo pencil in electric blue
NYX glitter eye liner in disco ball 02
Mikyajy eyebrow pencil 02
Maybelline collosal mascara (i only use this on FOTDs since it doesn't hold my curl well.)
Rimmel waterproof black retractable eyeliner

MAC The faerie glenn l/s
NARS Rose Birman l/g

1. FACE: Put on foundation, concealer, and loose powder on under eye to catch fall outs
2. EYES: Apply NYX jumbo pencil on the lid.

3. Apply the royal blue e/s from the 78 palette on top of the lid where you applied nyx jumbo  pencil

4. Apply the black e/s from the 78 palette on the outer V and crease area

5. Blend the black with any nude matte colored e/s and also apply the nude color up to the brow bone.

6. Apply a shimmer nude or white e/s on the inner corners of the eye and on the brow bone. Line your eyes with a black eyeliner, and above it, line your eyes with the glitter eyeliner. Curl your lashes and apply mascara and falsies, I used ELF false eye lashes.
7. Line the lower lash line with the black e/s on the outer corner, and with the blue e/s on the inner corner, and apply the black eyeliner on the waterline.

8. FACE: contour and apply blush on the cheekbones

9. Apply lipstick, and top it off with lipgloss

More photos:

taken on day light

with flash

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Top 3 Favorite Hot Pink L/S

Pinks are great for spring! I love wearing hot pink l/s cause I can easily pair them with neutral e/s, or even no e/s, hot pink can brighten any look. I want to share with you my top 3 favorite hot pink lipsticks.

  • Lustering - sheer hot pink
  • Impassioned - according to the website description, it's "amped up fuschia" i think lickable is more fuschia than impassioned. Impassioned is like a fuschia-orange color. It's creamy, and pigmented than lustering.
  • Lickable - the website says it's a bright clean blue-pink. I think it's more purple/pink than impassioned. On the tube it looks like it has tiny sparkles, but once you put it on, it's barely noticable. It is also creamy and pigmented like impassioned.

on the swatches, you can really see the difference of these l/s. lustering is sheerer than the 2. impassioned is pink/orange, and very pigmented, and lickable is more pink/purple, you can see that the glitters/sparkles aren't noticable once swatched.

Have you tried hot pink lipsticks? Share your favorites! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pissed for buying an over priced item! >_<

I went to the mall earlier with my friend Jackie cause i had to buy a new magsafe power adapter for my macbook. I've had my laptop for only a year now and the power adapter's already broken. The hub says it's because i always leave my laptop charging over night or sometimes even when i'm goin out i sometimes leave the laptop plugged in. When i got home i checked the apple store's website for the price of the adapter. It was only $79! While i bought mine for SR699 that's $186!

I'm feeling sooo bad now! I don't understand why they sell it so expensive here! I should've just had it bought in the US then delivered it here it would have been even cheaper compared to buying it here! I'm so pissed. x_x but at least i can use my laptop again.

At the mall we saw a japanese shop that sells japanese things pretty much like daiso. I saw these cute egg molds and bought all of them for my daughter. :) when we got home i tested one out and here's what it looks like.

Isn't it cute??? :) my daughter was so happy eating the cute egg :p

Umm so yeah jus wanted to share how my day went. :)


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

♥ corals - Viva Glam Gaga lip gloss swacthes

I love this lip gloss. I normally wear lip gloss on top of my lipstick, but viva glam cyndi is pigmented enough to wear alone. I would describe the color as corally red. It looks bold if swatched heavily and on the tube but you can always apply it sheer if you want it to look more toned down. Here are the swatches on my nc25 skin:

click on the images to enlarge

Sunday, April 3, 2011

EOTD - Silver and Burgundy

1st EOTD on the new blog. :) I did this look few days ago. Products used listed below...

Primer - Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Silver - NYX chrome e/s in oatmeal (this e/s is so sheer and it was loose so i had to use a home made sealant to work with it)
Black - NARS Night Fever
Burgundy - MAC Trax
Upper Lid - MAC Brule
Highlight - Shimmering e/s from The Face Shop baked e/s in golden brown
Mascara - Maybelline turbo boost mascara
Upper liner - Rimmel waterproof eyeliner 

To blog or not to blog

Used to be a beauty blogging addict. Got too busy with personal life, and decided to stop blogging. But everytime I read my previous blogger friend's blogs, it makes me miss blogging. Sharing product reviews, FOTDs, HG products, and especially meeting new beautiful people!

This is my 3rd blog here on blogger. Hopefully my last.. :)

Hi this is Katrina... welcome me back to the blogger world!
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