Friday, April 29, 2011

MAC Studio Fix Concealer & MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

I have been using MAC studio fix concealer since I was in highschool. What I love about it is that unlike drug store concealers which mostly have light shades of foundation & concealers, MAC has a huge selection of shades suitable for every skin color. When the Pro Longwear collection came out, I wanted to try their concealers since summer is almost near here in KSA and I needed makeup that will last even in hot and humid weather.

Both of them have a large range of shades, since it is from MAC we all know mac has shades for everyone. But when I swatched both of it together, I noticed that the pro longwear, is a little bit darker than studio fix. So in studio fix I’m using NW25, but in pro longwear I got the lighter one NW20.

Obviously since the name is pro longwear, it does stay a lot longer than studio fix. The difference is, studio fix is more oily. In summer, when you store it in a room without air condiiton I noticed that the oil comes out on the top.
When I had both on, I experienced more creasing on the studio fix than the pro longwear. MAC studio fix gives a more oily/dewy finish, so if you have oily skin, this product will make your skin look oilier, while pro longwear dries to a matte finish. Some complained  of feeling tightness under their eyes when using this, however I didn’t feel or notice any difference on how it felt on, for me it felt like I was just using a regular concealer.


Mac studio fix is a cream concealer, and mac pro longwear is a liquid concealer.  Cream concealers give you more coverage compared to liquid concealers because of its consistency, you can build up cream to a heavier coverage than liquid concealers. But, you can still achieve the same coverage when using liquid concealers by letting it exposed to air for a while. What I do is I pump a little bit of concealer on an empty container, and wait for like a minute or 2 and just wait for it to get a little bit thicker, and when it is, just apply it on your face. This will give you more coverage.

Both are $16.50 but pro longwear has more product inside, than studio fix. A lot of people complained about the pump of the pro longwear. I also experienced this when I first got it, the pump goes all the way down even if you just press half way. But after 4-5 uses, it doesn’t do that anymore. I can now control how much product I want to dispense cause the pump no longer goes all the way down. But for some ppl if you still have this problem and there’s just too much product, just pump it on an empty container so you can store the left over product.

I prefer the MAC Pro longwear concealer since I needed a concealer that will stay a lot longer and will not crease so much. 


  1. You know I love the Pro Longwear foundation and have never even thought to use the concealer and the foundation is my favorite on the planet. Thanks for the review I'm using Kat Von D's concealer right now which I actually do love but once that finishes might give this a try!

  2. oh i love love love M.A.C pro long wear you can get it in the states all the time but when i went into the SEPHORA and all other M.A.C counters guess what they said!!! " sorry miss we don't carry that in SINGAPORE!" now either i get them shipped or when some one goes over or come down here i get them to purchase it for me!!!!!

    Now using M.A.C studio fix not bad but prefer pro longwear

    don't forget to visit my blog !!!we could follow each other!!!

  3. hi Katrina!

    well it really depends on your skin type... as for me i prefer pro long wear as i just have to use small amount for more coverage during the days you have really bad skin days or something...and being in the tropical climate pro long wear really stays on and in fact the longer you wear it for me it looks better...

  4. I really like your blog.
    great pictures.
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