Thursday, January 26, 2012

I made cream puffs! :)

I was craving for cream puffs few weeks ago but didn't know where to buy them here in Khobar so I decided to try and make them. It was my first time & I'm glad they turned out great! :)

Look at my lovely and yummy cream puffs.. :)

I got the recipe HERE. You can check out his/her youtube channel. They have lots of pastries recipe there and it's easy to follow cause they show it to you step by step on the vids. :)


  1. no way! You are hardcore for making your own homemade cream puffs. I tried making it a long time ago and it turned out okay, but not as good as I would liked them to be lol.

    1. Try using this recipe yours might turn out good this time :)


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