Saturday, April 13, 2013

Real Techniques Brushes

I recently bought these brushes at Cocktail Cosmetics. I ordered them last March 10, and got my package on March 20.

They have a flat rate of £12.95 for international shipping. I emailed them 9 days after my order cause I wanted to know how long it would take for the package to be delivered, and they answered the same day and was very helpful and even sent me a screenshot of the tracking details. It was easy processing my orders through their website and they have excellent customer service. My package was in great condition when I received it and I would definitely buy from them again! Anyways, here are the brushes that I got.

The Real Techniques core collection and Real Techniques starter set.

Real Techniques Core Collection

Please don't mind the dirty brushes but I've been using them since I got them. Bought them at the website for £20.95. I absolutely LOVE these brushes they don't feel cheap and the bristles are so soft and dense. 

Buffing Brush - I've been using this brush to apply my MAC Studio Fix fluid. It gives you that flawless complexion and buffs out the foundation so the coverage isn't too heavy. 

Contour Brush - I already have a favorite slanted contour brush so I use this brush for blush or highlight since the size is perfect for the cheeks.

Pointed Foundation Brush - For me, I think it's too small to be used as a foundation brush so I use it to apply concealer underneath the eyes. Works great! :)

Detailer Brush - You can use this as a lip brush but I use it to apply concealer in my blemishes and on the sides of my nose to conceal redness.

Real Techniques Starter Brush (£20.95)

Base Eyeshadow Brush - I use it as a blending brush cause it looks similar to the MAC 217. However, they have different bristles. I think the MAC one has natural bristles while the Real Techniques has synthetic. So whenever I try to blend with the RT brush it drags my lid a little.

 MAC 217 & Real Techniques E/S Brush

Deluxe Crease Brush - As you can see the brush size is a little big for the crease so I use it to buff and apply concealer, or sometimes I use it to contour my nose. 

Accent Brush - I apologize I forgot to include it on the photos. It looks like the maybelline eyeliner brush that comes with their gel liner but shorter and wider. I use this brush like I would use a pencil brush, apply e/s on the waterline, smudge eyeliner on the lash line, etc. The only thing I don't like with this brush and also they're eyeliner brush is the handle. It's too thin and makes it hard to get a good grip and control the brush.

Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush - I was a little disappointed with this brush cause the bristles wasn't thin enough to use as an eyeliner brush. But I still managed and tried to use it as an eyeliner brush as long as you just use the thinner point at the end.

Overall I'm happy with the Real Techniques brush sets cause their cheap but the quality is so good! I would definitely purchase some of their individual brushes next time. I know brushes are essential to a perfect makeup application but I don't really like to spend over $30 for a single one. As long as the quality is good and it does the job, I don't mind using cheaper brushes.

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