Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I was excited when I received an e-mail from Sephora Middle East that they're giving a free sample size of Benefit's new mascara, Roller Lash. 

They claim to lift & curl lashes without the need to use an eyelash curler. I was really curious & was excited to try it cause if you have read my past mascara posts, I have long, limp lashes and regular mascaras don't work for me & they never hold a curl.

They have designed a unique brush wand which catches the lashes & lifts it.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara 

Here's a photo of my bare lashes. They naturally hang down and I always have to use an eyelash curler to give it lift & curl.

Here's one coat of Roller Lash mascara. I say it did lift my lashes for about 1% (lol). As I've said before, regular mascaras don't work for me and using mascara alone without curling my lashes won't give them the oomph and curl that I want.

 Here's my other eye which I curled prior to applying mascara, to see if it will hold a curl.

Here's one coat on my curled lashes, as you can see it did weigh my lashes down and & didn't hold the curl.

Left is just the mascara, right is curled lashes & mascara. I've noticed that the curled one (right) made it look more volumized.

I think the mascara concept is really great & I have seen some blog posts that this product worked for them and gave them amazing results, unfortunately, it didn't work for me. Maybe if I use my HG lash primer (Sisheido Nourishing Mascara Base) I would have better results with this mascara. As for removing the product, I used my Clinique Take The Day Off balm & it's so much easier than Benefit's previous best selling mascara "They're Real".  Would I recommend this product? Sure if you have lashes that are easy to curl with just using mascara, give this product a try! 


  1. Huh, I had hopes that Roller Lash would be a solution for girls with super straight lashes - I am one too. But it looks like it isn't!

    1. I still can't love without the old fashioned lash curler lol. If u have problem holding a curl i suggest trting Sisheido Nourishing Mascara Base. I've been using it for yrs. I use it after curling my lashes, let it dry, then apply mascara. It helps to hold the curl!

  2. Aah, thank you for letting us know. I'd been eyeing Roller Lash, but put off getting it. Now I know better!

  3. I have very straight lashes, too, and I find that holding the mirror quite low and looking down into it, while applying mascara, helps to lift my lashes. I absolutely love Benefit's mascaras and find that no other mascara works quite as well for lifting my lashes so I'm surprised the roller lash was no good for you. Try using their They're Real, if you haven't already. My mum has short and straight lashes and it works wonders for her. Thank you for sharing your thoughts x


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