Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bad skin & Bad teeth!

Last month I took a visit to my dentist. She noticed that I had a slight over bite and my teeth were too close to each other. She had me take an x-ray and this is what we saw..

2 of my wisdom teeth are impacted and pushing all my teeth forward! >_< so last week, I had my right wisdom tooth out. It was painful than a c-section in my opinion. I wasn't put to sleep and I was so nervous cause I can hear everything! Doctor: "pass me this and that... we need to break the tooth..." Machine: Zzzzz.......Bzzzzz..... Ughh it was so scary!!! Next week I'm scheduled to have the left one taken out. The dentist also told me that I needed braces so she will have to pull out my 2 upper third molars.

Brace face! x_x I had my upper braces 2 days ago.. I might have the lower ones next week. I feel so ugly now! Plus my skin is becoming worse!

I've been having breakouts and the marks won't fade off! And I keep having pimples on that exact same spot! It's soooo annoying! Ladies, if you know a good product for this type of skin problem PLEASE share it with me. :)

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