Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello Kitty Makeup

Yesterday, my friends and I together with our kids went to Hamley's toy store in Mall of Dhahran. The place was huge and had lots of toys that Toys R Us in Dhahran didn't have. Unexpectedly, we saw this in the middle of the store... 

Hello Kitty makeup in the middle of the toy store! Whaaaat?!?!?! No words could explain how schocked and happy I was LOL.

I have never seen HK makeup before so as soon as I got home, I searched for it on the net. I discovered that this makeup line was exclusively sold on Priceline, an australian pharmacy store. I checked their prices and it was so much cheaper than the prices here in KSA! I bought this pressed powder for 91 SAR (21 AUD) while on their website, it was sold for only $14.95 AUD, that's $6 difference!
I purchased only 3 products from this line cause I don't really need more L/S and nail polish. Here's what I got:

Hello Kitty liquid liner in 01 (71 SAR), Hello Kitty 4 e/s palette in 04 (109 SAR), and Hello Kitty pressed powder in 01 (91 SAR) 

 Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Palette 04

Hello Kitty pressed powder in 01

Hello Kitty liquid eyeliner in 01

Hello Kitty eyeshadow 04 swatches

Comparison: Hello Kitty face powder in 01 (left), MAC Skinfinish mineralize powder in Medium Plus (right)

Hello Kitty liquid eyeliner in 01

Hello Kitty pressed powder 01 - I actually love this powder! It's so light and mattifies my skin really well. Even though it looks really light on the swatch, it actually blends to my face since the powder is so fine and isn't really that pigmented. If you're a MAC person, it's more of a blot powder than select sheer. I'm an NC25 and got the lightest shade and it didn't make my face chalky/cakey even in flash photos. The only downside of this powder is that it doesn't have a sponge or brush to apply it with so you have to use a separate one, but this doesn't bother me at all since I always have a travel face brush with me.

Hello Kitty e/s 04 - I haven't had the chance to use the e/s on my face yet but based on the swatch they actually aren't bad. On the display they had I think 4-5 different palette to choose from and I got the most neutral one. All of them have slight shimmers but not too metallic. 

Hello Kitty eyeliner - I love how pigmented this eyeliner is! It's easy to apply to using the felt tip wand. Once dried it is smudge proof. 

I'm in love with this makeup line! They have the cutest packaging and the quality of the products are really good. It's unfortunate that they sell it so overpriced here in KSA compared to their usual drugstore price in Australia.  


  1. Oh, how adorable! The palette you got has a pretty purple shade :)

  2. Had no idea you were pinoy as well! :) Kainis nga eh. Til now may allergies pa ako. When I get allergies, medyo matagal bago mag subside =(

    The brush head bristles were made of soft plastic. They don't poke your face naman. I think its the cleanser talaga that caused the reaction.

  3. such a cute products, looks so pretty;))X

  4. hah so cute :D
    Maybe we could follow each other?
    Let me know ^^

    - xo Supernat

  5. AHHH dying!! so freakin' cute!! i want to buy the pressed powder just for the packaging.. haha the pretty shiny pink and the inside w/ the hello kitty face OMG WANT!! so so cute!

    1. Do u have it there in the states? I've only used the powder 3x cause i didn't want the face to fade lol but i'll prolly just use this and buy another one to keep :)

  6. Love hello kitty! Great blog now following, follow back if you like!! Cant wait to read more :)

  7. I love ANYTHING Hello Kitty and this makeup is just too cute!!

  8. OMMGGGG... i wish i had this here where i lived :(

  9. Hello Kitty is soooo cute :) I love it!
    Love, Leo x


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