Tuesday, September 24, 2013

International Make-up Shopping (Nordstrom & Borderlinx)

I recently purchased MAC makeup from the Nordstrom website. Since Nordstrom doesn't ship cosmetics and beauty products internationally, I had to use a shippping forwarder. My friend told me about Borderlinx. You register for FREE and they give you a US & UK address for free!
I prefer buying makeup from the states because it is cheaper compared to here in Saudi Arabia. For example, a MAC lipstick is only $15 (56 SAR) in the states but over here in KSA, MAC sells it for 98 SAR, that's 42 SAR difference! Recently, I purchased $270 worth of makeup (12 items), had it shipped to my Borderlinx address, payed ONLY $25 shipping from the US to here in KSA, and I still saved $60 buying from Nordstrom compared to buying here in KSA! Shipping was fast too! I received my items within 3 days!

What I like about Borderlinx is they repack your shipments to save you from shipping costs. My items originally came in a box from nordstrom, and they repacked the items in a plastic DHL package to save space and weight. They charge shipping based on size & weight, you can even check the price on their Intl. Shipping Calculator.

Be sure not to order prohibited items (listed here) because your shipments will be on hold. I accidentally ordered MAC brush cleaner (didn't know there was alcohol in it. Anything containing alcohol or flammable substance are prohibited) and they e-mailed me that my package could not be shipped. I had to either have them send the item back to Nordstrom, or dispose it. Sending the item back to the sender costs $20 so I decided to let them dispose the brush cleaner.

So if you want to shop from US websites and need a US address, register at Borderlinx now! 

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  1. I never new about borderlinx for one! Two I love your haul!

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