Monday, May 16, 2011

NYX Haul + MAC Ruby Woo

Last weekend we went to Bahrain to watch a movie cause we don't have cinemas here in Saudi. We saw the movie Thor, it was my first time to see Chris Hemsworth and omg I have the biggest crush on him now! :) After watching the movie we went shopping at Bahrain City Center and I stopped by MAC to check if they had sheen supreme but they were all sold out! :( Then the sales lady told me that the collection wasn't limited edition and I was surprised cause I didn't know that but I was really happy to know that the L/S are permanent! Wohoo! I wanted to get 4 shades from that collection. Then I stopped by NYX and grabbed these few items.

Black Label L/S Berry, Hot Tamale, blush in Spice, nail colors in Cloud 9, the silver glitter one didn't have a name, eye pencils in Sky Glitter & Lavender Glitter.

here are the swatches:
Berry, Hot Tamale, Spice, Lavender Glitter, Sky Glitter

The pencils are labeled "eyebrow pencils" and I don't know why cause I don't think anyone will put glitter pastels pencils on their brows =/

NOTD - Cloud 9

Tried the eye pencil Sky today. Paired it with a neutral eye and red lips. I used MAC Ruby Woo it's the only MAC red l/s I own cause I don't think it's practical spending on MAC if I can find a shade or red l/s on other cheaper brands. I only buy MAC if there are colors that I really really want & couldn't find a dupe on cheaper brands.

Cam whored with my baby girl today :)

I posted this photo on fb and a lot of my friends asked me what l/s I was wearing. I love this shade so much it's a matte red and I think it would look good on any skin tone. The only thing I hate is the way it feels when I'm putting it on, it feels so dry and it drags my lips unlike some other matte lipstick where it applies smooth.

If you have any questions about the products I posted today feel free to email me at cinnamonsugar24 (at) gmail or message me on twitter seenamonshugar . Have a great day! :)


  1. Your daughter is adorable!!! :D
    & I agree, that MAC l/s suits you really well.

  2. i bought ruby woo and was so dissappointed by how dry and horrid it made my lips feel! russian red is exactly the same shade but a lot more moisturising! xx

    1. It actually isn't the same. Ruby woo has more of a blue tone and russian red is redder/darker. I agree ruby woo is so drying but i like it super matte :)


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