Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pissed for buying an over priced item! >_<

I went to the mall earlier with my friend Jackie cause i had to buy a new magsafe power adapter for my macbook. I've had my laptop for only a year now and the power adapter's already broken. The hub says it's because i always leave my laptop charging over night or sometimes even when i'm goin out i sometimes leave the laptop plugged in. When i got home i checked the apple store's website for the price of the adapter. It was only $79! While i bought mine for SR699 that's $186!

I'm feeling sooo bad now! I don't understand why they sell it so expensive here! I should've just had it bought in the US then delivered it here it would have been even cheaper compared to buying it here! I'm so pissed. x_x but at least i can use my laptop again.

At the mall we saw a japanese shop that sells japanese things pretty much like daiso. I saw these cute egg molds and bought all of them for my daughter. :) when we got home i tested one out and here's what it looks like.

Isn't it cute??? :) my daughter was so happy eating the cute egg :p

Umm so yeah jus wanted to share how my day went. :)


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  1. Yay! Glad you are back to blogging!

  2. hi katrina...u got a nice blog..following u :)


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