Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Top 3 Favorite Hot Pink L/S

Pinks are great for spring! I love wearing hot pink l/s cause I can easily pair them with neutral e/s, or even no e/s, hot pink can brighten any look. I want to share with you my top 3 favorite hot pink lipsticks.

  • Lustering - sheer hot pink
  • Impassioned - according to the website description, it's "amped up fuschia" i think lickable is more fuschia than impassioned. Impassioned is like a fuschia-orange color. It's creamy, and pigmented than lustering.
  • Lickable - the website says it's a bright clean blue-pink. I think it's more purple/pink than impassioned. On the tube it looks like it has tiny sparkles, but once you put it on, it's barely noticable. It is also creamy and pigmented like impassioned.

on the swatches, you can really see the difference of these l/s. lustering is sheerer than the 2. impassioned is pink/orange, and very pigmented, and lickable is more pink/purple, you can see that the glitters/sparkles aren't noticable once swatched.

Have you tried hot pink lipsticks? Share your favorites! :)


  1. These are some cute pinks you picked out! I think it's so much harder for me to pick the perfect pink that fits my skin color since it's so much warmer. I'm still looking for the perfect tone of pink! Anyways, I'm following ya!


  2. And I just saw that your location is in Saudi Arabia?! That's so interesting cause I was trying to figure out your ethnicity =)

  3. Have u figured it out yet? lol.. I've been living here for only a year now.....

  4. I've been trying to figure out your ethnicity too! LOL... that's so funny we're doing the same thing at this moment hahaha!

  5. Hi Katrina.. thanks for the comment on my post about my weight loss,ovarian cyst and my mom's passing..
    yea she was very young when she passed away of lung cancer (at the age of 46)..i miss her every single day...
    about the cyst, i had both of them removed separately because the doc couldn't detect the 2nd one when she removed the 1st one..and FYI i also had ectopic pregnancy last january..sigh...maybe its no the right time for me yet..looking at the brighter side, i don't have any pain anymore because i had torsion of both cysts because both were fairly large..and i think the cysts contributed to my weight gain too (no matter how hard i control my diet@exercise the weight wouldn't go off)..im glad i had them removed even though i had an ectopic last january..maybe i'll opt for IVF next year..
    i hope ur cysts won't be causing u trouble like they did to me..stay healthy and take care gorgeous!

    btw, i love all of ur pink lipsticks!the look so great on u!

  6. LOL!! Uhmm.. i honestly cannot guess and if I do I know I won't get it right.. you look asian (definitely) mixed with caucasian?! I hope i'm not completely looking like a fool guessing! You can guess me out too so we're on the same page! hahah

  7. Wow, yeah my last name gives it away. I'm Vietnamese black and indian. Haha what are you?!

  8. Whhatt?! You look mixed! But hey, you get to look super exotic and only be one race!

  9. I love all of them. Nice swatches


  10. impassioned looks so bright


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